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Canyoning in Zonza

Canyoning in Corsica in complete safety, with family or friends in Bavella, 1h from Porto-Vecchio, Solenzara, Propriano and less than 2h from Ajaccio

Come and discover the magnificent canyons of the Bavella mountains, with its turquoise water basins in the heart of a massif of granite mountains and surrounded by Laricciu pines that will make your day unique and unforgettable.

Canyon du Pulischellu

A true natural water park, in a varied and natural environment, you will have to overcome obstacles (jumps, swims, slides) but reassure yourself that nothing is obligatory, everything will be done at your convenience and for your pleasure.

To start a walk of 20mn then 3 hours of canyon and only 5 minutes walk back.

Canyon de Purcaraccia

The mythical canyon of the needles of Bavella, the magnificent Purcaraccia with its succession of slides, jumps, niches between two 40-metre waterfalls… Here time is suspended to admire so much beauty.

An approach walk of 1:30, 3 hours canyon followed by 50 minutes walk back.

Canyon de la Vacca

La Vacca, a real Corsican canyon where time has carved its mark at the bottom of the Bavella massif. This Corsican canyon is one of the first open in Corsica. A spectacular chain of passage in a grandiose site to appreciate the sublime marriage between water and rock .

To start, a 30-minute approach walk followed by 3 to 4 hours of canyon and a 50-minute return walk, unforgettable !


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